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Sapphire No. 5


Sapphire No.5
The Traditional Fragrance.

Key Features
  • Bottle Size: Available in 50ml and 100ml
  • Type: EDP
  • Notes: oud, lemon and jasmine.
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I always keep one thing in mind when I make a perfume; it has to be the perfect fusion between oriental fragrances and French fragrances and the intensity of the fragrance must be uniquely African. For instance most perfumes made in Europe and America don’t last long because the African climate is hotter.

Sapphire No 5 is the best description of the marriage between oriental and French living in perfect harmony to create a truly African aroma.
The notes which are Oud, Lemon and Jasmine are really strange bedfellows but they work so beautifully together.

The Traditional Fragrance with notes of oud, lemon and jasmine. Captured in the beautiful, signature sapphire blue and gold bottle.



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