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The Diamond Fragrance.

Key Features
  • Bottle Size: Available in 50ml and 100ml
  • Type: EDP
  • Notes: Oud and Rose.
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This fragrance holds beautiful and special memories for me. I named this fragrance Ruby after my first daughter. The first oud perfume I smelt was a blend of Oud and Rose from that first whiff, I saw possibilities, this was 2 years before Ruby was created but the experience never left me.
This is a perfect marriage between Oriental and French, woody and rosy, light and soft, the irresistible combination of ying and yang.
Sapphire Scents is now famous for the holy matrimony of Oriental and French but it started with a first whiff of Oud and Rose in 2015.

The Diamond Fragrance with notes of oud and rose. Captured in the beautiful, signature sapphire blue bottle.


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