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The Guardian Fragrance.

Notes: Oud, Honey, and Tobacco

Key Features
  • Bottle Size: Currently available in 60ml(Oil) and 100ml(Spray)
  • Type: EDP Spray and Oil

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Inspired by the angelic beings who worship in God’s presence, the Cherubims are four faced angels who are found in God’s presence. They are known to have the face of an eagle, a lion, an ox and the face of a man.

Any angel that close to God must have an incredible aura or fragrance around them and this is what inspired this fragrance. It is truly the aura of heaven.

Sapphire Scents Cherub ( Eau de Parfum )

The Guardian Fragrance with notes of oud, honey, and tobacco. Captured in the beautiful, signature gold bottle.

  • Available in different bottle size : 50ml and 100ml


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