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Sapphire Scents is a wholesale and Retail Company that manufactures and sells rare fragrances made from Oud, Frankincense and Myrrh. We are NOT a network marketing company. We scout the Middle East for the rarest and most alluring fragrances and we mix them in Nigeria and sell at affordable prices.

There are currently two registration packages that we offer: 

Option 1: The NGN100,000 Naira Registration Package:

Comprises of 14 100ML Perfume products
– 14 100ML Perfumes
– 8 stoned Watches, 4 Studded Watches, 3 Chain Watches 
– 14 Pieces of Oju

– 40 Bracelets


– 60 (100ML) Sanitizers, 80 (35ML) Sanitizers

– 250 Facemasks

Registration fee: NGN100,000.00

Option 2: The NGN50,000 Naira Registration Package:

– 7 100ML Perfumes
– 4 stoned Watches, 1 Studded Watches, 1 Chain Watches 
– 7 Pieces of Oju

– 20 Bracelets


– 30 (100ML) Sanitizers, 40 (35ML) Sanitizers

– 125 Facemasks

Registration fee: NGN50,000.00

To become a Distributor, what is required?

NGN100K or NGN50K for Nigeria

$175 for the US and Africa

£150 for the UK

€200 for Europe

Shipping of products takes 3-5 days via DHL.

Distributors’ prices will be revealed after registration.

How can I make a payment?

You can pay 100K/ 50k  to :

Account Name: Sapphire Scents

Account Number :

1016508922 ZENITH (Naira account)

0222394304 GTB (Dollar account)

0222397776 GTB (Pounds account)

0222405277 GTB (Euro account)

Your perfumes and products will be sent to you via God is Good within Nigeria and DHL within 3-5 days anywhere in the world. International delivery charges apply.

If you need any help regarding payment or more information, Whats App or call +2348108888988 / +2348038519881

Please note that registration is only valid after payment has been confirmed.

Thank you and welcome on board to Sapphire Scents!


If you have make payment you can proceed to Registering your information using the button below.

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